Fantasy Cricket App Development for T20 World Cup-2024

Cricket is an all-time favourite for the fans no matter if it’s World Cup or just another on-day match. As we’re heading towards June, fans are all set to binge the upcoming T20 Men’s World Cup-2024 starting from the 1st of June. The curiosity and excitement is surging with every passing day. And why not, after all, cricket is not just a sport, it’s love, passion, and emotion altogether.

Most cricket fans not only watch live matches but also play them using the best fantasy sports applications available in the market. With such apps, they can build their own virtual team of their favorite players, play matches, and even win real cash prizes and other interesting awards. All credits go to the top fantasy sports app development services that make it possible for the fans.

Millions of users admire fantasy cricket and hence it’s a great opportunity for businesses to launch a unique cricket app.

Before any questions arise in your mind, let’s get started with the basics of cricket app development, its process, features, tech stack, and everything that you need to build one.

What is a Fantasy Cricket App?

Fantasy cricket sports are online games that let participants engage in virtual versions of real cricket matches or seasons. In these games, users create virtual teams composed of real players from ongoing professional cricket events. The performance of these virtual teams is based on the actual performance of the selected players in real matches.

In fantasy cricket, users take on the roles of both the team's general manager and field manager. They can draft, buy, and drop players, much like managing a real sports team.

Among various fantasy sports, fantasy cricket has gained a lot of attraction. One of the most liked Fantasy cricket apps is Dream11 providing players with the power-packed thrill of real cricket games and amazing cash prizes for the winners.

Key Features of the Fantasy Cricket App

User Panel

  1. Home Screen

Once logged in, users are taken to the home screen where they can filter their search based on their preferred tournament, match, match timings, and match status. After selecting their desired options, users are redirected to the chosen section. This easier process ensures an efficient, user-friendly, and time-saving experience.

  1. Contest

In the "Contest" section, users can view active contests, entry fees, team counts, and potential winnings. It also provides detailed information about ongoing and past contests, enabling users to make informed decisions about participation.

  1. Join the Contest/Payment

In the "Join the Contest/Payment" section, users can enter active and upcoming tournaments by paying the entry fee, creating teams, and participating in matches.

  1. Dashboard

The user dashboard allows seamless updates to profile information, including account details, earned reward points, winnings, total earnings from invitations, and user rank. The administrator dashboard features areas for admin login, user management, match management, reward management, cash and bonus management, report management, CMS pages, and earnings tracking, providing comprehensive control and oversight of the platform.

  1. Additional Features

The integration of new features enhances the user experience of fantasy cricket apps, making them more attractive and profitable for mobile app development companies.

Admin Panel

  1. 1. Live Score

Live streaming of active match scores is a key feature, complemented by game highlights, expert analysis, and past game videos. Keeping users informed with real-time updates enhances their engagement and experience on the platform, making it a crucial aspect of the app's functionality.

  1. 2. Live Score Integration

Data transformation simplifies its integration via APIs for fantasy cricket app development, streamlining the process for developers. This enhances efficiency and facilitates smoother development of fantasy cricket applications.

  1. 3. CRM Integration

It aids service providers in delivering push notifications, and managing emails, tickets, and other pertinent features efficiently.

  1. 4. Mail Reminder

 Users receive timely reminders about upcoming matches, tournaments, and team/player information via email notifications, facilitated by the integration of the mail reminder system.

  1. 5. Push Notification

Push notifications alert users about the time to design their teams and provide essential information, ensuring user engagement and timely updates within the app.

  1. 6. Real-time reports and Analytics

The system stores real-time metrics and updates all information regarding live matches, displaying team and player performance metrics for specific games or series, enhancing user experience with up-to-date insights.

  1. 7 .Location Tracking

By integrating advanced technologies like GPS location tracking, the Fantasy Cricket app offers a rich user experience, setting it apart from competitors in the market. This unique feature enhances user engagement and adds value to the app.

  1. 8. Chatbot Integration

Integrating chatbots into mobile apps automates tasks and enhances performance. Expert mobile app development companies proficient in Chatbot development and API integration ensure seamless integration, leveraging their skilled developers for optimal results.

How to Develop a Fantasy Cricket App for T-20 World Cup?

  • Define Your Business Concept

When considering app development for cricket, it's essential to have a clear vision of your project. Utilize statistics and information sources to inform your decision-making process. Dedicate enough time to craft your vision, as it will serve as a guiding light throughout the development journey.

  • Market Research and Analysis

The next step in fantasy cricket app development involves thorough market research. Gather insights about the industry you're entering to inform your decisions. Compare competitor services, understand their customer segments, and analyze app features. Monitor user acquisition trends to gauge market demand effectively.

  • Strategic Planning and Timeline Establishment

With the T20 World Cup approaching fast, time is of the essence. To ensure timely development of your app, create a phased timeline from wireframing to deployment. Partnering with a fantasy sports app development company can simplfy the process and leverage the latest technology stack for optimal results.

  • Engage a Fantasy Cricket App Development Firm

To ensure the successful development of your fantasy cricket app for the T20 World Cup, it's crucial to hire experienced developers from a reputable fantasy sports app development company. Follow these steps:

  • Compile a list of suitable development companies.
  • Review their portfolio to assess their expertise.
  • Evaluate their tech stack and development approach.
  • Interview developers to gauge their skills and experience.
  • Consider their past client projects and communication practices.
  • Assess their development process and transparency.

Once you're confident in their abilities, proceed to hire the fantasy sports app developers.

  • Designing and Prototyping

Your app development collaborator will furnish the UI/UX prototype, crucial for ensuring a user-friendly experience. Ensuring accessibility for all users and target audiences is essential at this stage. It's crucial to offer input here, as modifications post-prototype completion can prove both expensive and time-intensive.

  • Development of Your Fantasy Cricket App

During this stage, developers focus on coding the frontend and backend of the fantasy sports app. Frontend coding involves designing the user interface and implementing features, while backend coding handles server-side programming and database integration. This phase typically requires more time compared to other steps in the app development process.

  • Testing and Launching Your App

After completing the design and development phases, thorough testing is essential to eliminate any remaining bugs. Testing under real user conditions ensures a comprehensive evaluation. Once all bugs are resolved, launch the app to excel in the fantasy sports business arena.

Technology Stack Required for Fantasy Cricket App Development

Before proceeding with the development of your fantasy cricket app, it's crucial to understand the tech stack options available. While your development team can guide you, taking the time to familiarize yourself with the stack options is recommended. Here are the tech stack choices you'll need to consider:

Android: Kotlin, Android SDK, Codeigniter, Ruby on Rails, Node JS, and React

iOS: Objective C, Fabric iOS, Swift, Laravel

Cloud Storage: Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure

Database: MySQL, Redis, Postgres, MongoDB

Payment Gateways: PayPal, Stripe, and Braintree

Push Notifications: MAP and Twilio

Real-time Analytics: Google Analytics, Spark

Cost to Develop A Fantasy Cricket App

Determining the cost of building a fantasy sports app can be complex, influenced by factors like features, complexity, tech stack, and platform. For instance, Android and iOS app development costs differ. Typically, an MVP version may cost 25,000 to 40,000 USD, while an advanced version could range from 45,000 to 50,000 USD.

Top Five Fantasy Sports App Development Companies to Hire

  1. 1. DinousTech

DinousTech provides comprehensive fantasy game app development solutions , from online ticket sales to complex eSports applications. Their experienced developers create advanced sports apps, team management solutions, and AI-driven analytics software. DinousTech prioritizes user safety, top-quality design, and an exceptional user experience. They ensure on-time delivery, data privacy, and agile development practices to meet your sports app needs effectively.

  1. 2. DianApps

Choose DianApps for your fantasy sports app development needs. They focus on user-centric design, real-time updates, and customizable features to ensure a seamless experience. With a team of adaptive programmers having a strong emphasis on security, optimal user interface, and timely delivery, Dinoustech guarantees a top-notch app development process. Trust their proven track record for your next fantasy sports venture.

  1. 3. Semidot Infotech

SemiDot Infotech is a leading fantasy sports app and website development company, known for creating innovative and market-ready solutions. They offer comprehensive services, including app and website development, design, and launch. Their experienced team specializes in customized and white-label fantasy sports solutions, ensuring user-friendly and trend-aligned apps that drive business growth and revenue.

  1. 4. Fansportiz

Fansportiz is an emerging leader in fantasy sports app development, popularly known for its innovative solutions and customer-focused approach. Their dedicated team excels in developing apps customized to sports fans' unique needs, offering features like custom leagues, live scoring integration, and better social interactions, ensuring a thrilling and engaging user experience.

  1. 5. Gammastack

Gammastack is a renowned service provider with over 8 years of experience and a skilled team of 200+ software professionals. They excel in developing customized daily fantasy sports apps and casino game platforms, partnering with third-party providers to enhance their offerings. Featured on platforms like Forbes and Buzz Feed, Gammastack is a top choice for creating apps like Dream11.

Ready to Develop Your Fantasy App?

So, to put it all together, the world of fantasy sports has seen a great surge in acceptance and prominence in recent years. What’s more, the development of engaging and innovative mobile apps has contributed to a great extent to all this progress.

You can also be a part of this revolution and earn huge profits. All you have to do is use the best of all tech stacks and incorporate the latest industry practices into your fantasy sports app development solutions. This not only will attract users but also keep them engaged and hooked to your app.

In the end, you just have to hire a top-notch mobile app development company  that can make your business stand out and succeed.

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